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property sales

glass onion co-founder, Ian Armstrong, established a Smart Data Initiative to reduce financial risk to investors interested in boosting housing supply in Brasil.

A delivery consortium was formed over a 3 month period and the initative was then deployed and run over the following 3 months.

The initiative delivered a 12 fold increase in property sales in year 1 with c.20,000 sold to date. Zero spend being allocated to promotional media.


cross border finance

The money transfer market is fiercely contested amongst a few niche players; especially over a number of prized routes.

When a significant turf war broke out between 2 main players we were invited by one to propose a winning strategy.

We used the international time line to our advantage and created a Smart Data Initiative within 24 hrs. Client buy-in meant deployment was swift and within 2 months there had been an 65% revenue uplift at the expense of the weaker player.

Overhead shot of map and computer

career guidance

A glass onion initiative to help students and early career seekers to identify the best career fit for them by matching talent and passion to surfacing career opportunities.

Early investment in career discovery is expected to reduce college drop-outs, improve work productivity & increase personal happiness.

The application of glass onion's SDI will significantly accelerate non-traditional talent into role and reduce first employer acquisition costs. Now that can't be bad, can it?

Glass Onion Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Registered address: 130 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9BD Company No: 10826328

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